Textured Soy Protein, is a meat substitute made from Non GMO soybean, after peeling, defatting, comminuting, extrusion, puffing, then gained after treated under high temperature and pressure. It is purely natural vegetable products without cholesterol or any other additives. The protein content is more than 50%, and it has good water absorption, oil preserving and fibrous structure. Tasting like meat, it is an ideal high protein ingredient for meat products.

Textured Soy Protein is made from low-temperature soybean flakes through pressing, extruding and drying. There are many shapes such as small pallet, wadding, small chip, middle chip, big chip and struck, the shapes also could depend on clients’ demands. As a professional Текстурированный соевый белок поставщикам и торговцы, FOODCHEM has been supplying and exporting Textured Soy Protein kosher from China for almost 10 years.

Product advantages:
Texture Soybean Protein has a fiber structure like meat. It has a good chewing feeling and high nutrition value, meanwhile it has a good property of absorbing oil and water. It is a kind of good nutriment.

boiled dumplings, sausages, meat balls, stuffing food, seasoning paste, vegetarian products, convenience or instant food. 
Colored TVP can be processed as mimesis of beef, chicken, ham, seasoned sausages, fish etc.

Basic Usage
1. In dumplings and sausages:
added quantity of TVP can be 15-20% (wet basis) of meat stuffing, i.e. 15-20 kg (wet basis) of TVP added to 100 kg of meat; added quantity of TVP can be 20-30% (wet basis) of vegetarian stuffing. If used in vegetarian stuffing, according to actual need, fried with vegetable oil then mix together will be more tasted.

soak certain amount of TVP (dry basis) into warm water (±50Celsius) for 20 to 30 minutes, fish them out, wash 1 or 2 times by clean water, swing off the water to get them dry, then it is ready to be used.

Put the rehydrated TVP (if big granules or flakes, must be minced in tumbler or meat grinder) together with meat stuffing into the stuffing mixer, then put into seasoning, salt, cooking liquor and other supplementary materials and stir them up.

Suggestion: in order not to influence the flavor of products, please add half of the dosage for the 1st time, then increase the quantities according to test results.

2. In vegetarian food
make vegetarian good directly using TVP;

TVP of streaky or flake after absorbing water, marinate in broth, stir after adding salt and other seasoning, and string together as meat. They can be roasted or electrical roasted, deep-fried then put into fractional packages to make instant food of different flavors.

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